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Walky Dog Plus Hands-free Dog Bicycle Exerciser Leash 2015 Newest Model with ParaCord Leash Military Grade

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Manufacturer Description

Built to Last. The Stainless steel is Made with the highest grade of High Carbon Steel. Rust proof and improves overall strength. Leash Has Military Grade Paracord 550-lbs pull strength, 7 strand Inner core 5/32 -4mm diameter, uv fade resistant & rot resistant will not mildew. Quick release " which is the Patented Part" allows for you to disconnected your dog from the bike within seconds when not riding . We are the only bike leash that has this feature. No screwing just push and lock in place. To disconnect just push and pull out. The Walky dog plus Lets you walk your dog and ride your bike at the same time. Length of Leash is Adjustable Can add 6.5 Inches by taking out 2 springs inside the Steel Wand that will allow extra leash length. The walky dog plus comes just at the right safe distance to keep the dog close to your bike but you can always let the leash out some. Keeping your dog close to the side of your bike on a short leash prevents the dog from getting in front of the bike and or behind the bike. The walky dog plus has an internal shock-absorbing system which allows for the dog to move sudden. . The walky dog plus is a sport tool for performance training of dogs. Before using the walky dog plus check carefully the provisions of the Highway code. We disclaim any liability arising by using the product in the contradiction with the law in force. In any case, The walky dog should not be used when you carry children on the bicycle. Its not recommended the use of the walky dog for children under the age of 18 years old or children weighing less than 45 kg/100 lbs. The use of walky dog by children must be done under strict supervision of adults. Its not recommended the use of walky dog for puppies under the age of 12 months and / or weighing less than 15 kg / 33 lbs. Its recommended that the weight of the person is greater than at least 35 kg / 77 lbs compared to the weight of the dog

Product Features

TUV SUD Product Service Certification Approved Mark for " German Quality " Tested for Safety" Patented design includes an internal shock-absorbing system and quick lock and release capability for easy switching between bikes or removing from bike. Lets you safely walk your dog and ride your bike at the same time. Length of Leash is Adjustable add 6.5 Inches by taking out 2 springs inside the Metal Leash by unscrewing very tip of end leash comes out. Stainless steel leash installs on virtually any bike in under 5 minutes. Can be used on multiple terrains, No training for you or your dog needed.

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