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PetsPro Dog Whistle to Stop Barking - Train Your Dog with This Easy to Use Device - Perfect for Obedience Training for All Breeds - Best of the Barking Behavior Training Devices for Dogs on Amazon - Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Manufacturer Description

You love your dog, but his constant barking? That's not so lovable. Fortunately, the PetsPro Dog Whistle to Stop Barking can help you finally get some peace and quiet!

Our durable stainless steel dog whistle is the best choice of stop barking dog devices on Amazon because:

- IT WORKS! Using a dog whistle to stop barking works! The pitch of the whistle interrupts the dog's behavior and helps him respond. That's why so many dog obedience training experts recommend whistles.

- IT'S SAFE AND KIND. Other products meant to stop dog barking use pain or fear to make dogs discontinue bad habits. Training dogs doesn't have to be stressful for pets with the PetsPro Dog Whistle!

- IT'S VERSATILE. You can use the whistle to stop barking and for all types of dog behavior training. Train your dog to do tricks, get him to stop naughty behavior and even ensure that he comes when you call!

- IT'S CUSTOMIZABLE. Not all dogs will stop barking or respond to the same frequency. That's why this stop dog barking device lets you adjust the pitch to different settings. Experiment and find the one that works best for your pooch.

- IT'S ULTRASONIC. When you set the dog whistle in ultrasonic mode, your dog can hear it but you and your neighbors won't!

- IT'S PORTABLE. The key ring lets you take the dog whistle to stop barking with you everywhere you go, so that your dog obedience training lessons can be consistent and as effective as possible.

- IT'S EASY TO USE. Just twist to adjust the pitch and then blow! It's that easy to stop dog barking.

- IT'S GUARANTEED. We're sure that our whistle can help you stop the barking and train your dog! If it doesn't, let us know within 30 days and we'll give you a full refund.

Stop begging, pleading, threatening and screaming at your dog to stop barking!

Product Features

FULLY ADJUSTABLE Dog whistle to stop barking lets you find the optimal pitch to get your dog to respond BREAK ANY BAD HABIT Training dogs is easy when you reinforce commands with sound! You can use this dog whistle to teach new tricks, for dog behavior training with puppies or stop dog barking once and for all HUMANE & SAFE Unlike other stop barking dog devices, this dog whistle doesn't cause a dog pain and doesn't pose any risk of injury! EASY TO CARRY Training dogs is most effective when it's consistent. That's why our dog whistle has a key chain on it, so you can take it wherever you go SATISFACTION GUARANTEED This stop dog barking device will help you train your dog, or it's free! If your dog doesn't stop barking or you don't improve dog obedience training results within 30 days, we'll give you a full refund!

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