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Omega 3 for Dogs, Fish Oil for Dogs 180 Softgels w/ Pure Natural Fatty Acids Dogs Love. Premium Select Grade (Puppies Adults All Breeds & Ages. Helps Allergies, Heart, Coat, Joint & Brain Function


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Manufacturer Description

Our Omega-3 Support Dosage &; Composition is Recommended by World Renowned Veterinarians & Clinical Studies Cannot Stop Talking about the Canine Benefits of Omega 3!

Joint Benefits

A leading Canadian University's Veterinary division concluded that Omega 3 Fatty Acids derived from fish oil contributed to significant improvement in the activity score of dogs. This lead to natural joint-health management & combating the common arthritis issues that come with aging.

Skin Health, Itchy Skin Defense, Coat's Overall Health

Studies utilizing Omega-3 fatty acids in dogs brought improvement in coat health, pruritus, & alopecia. Omega-3's also proved more effective than flax oil for inflammatory skin disorders.

Heart & Cardiovascular Benefits

Research has also shown omega-3 fatty acids improved cardiac remodeling, regulated blood pressure & enhanced healthy heart rate in canines.

Cognitive Function & Neurological Health

Results suggests DHA can improve dog's memory, agility and even learning ability. Not only that, but many dogs researched have shown improvement in pacing issues and even excessive licking.

Yes, Vitamin E Included.

Vitamin E balances your dog's internal chemistry once Omega 3 has been introduced into their diet. Our veterinary teams inclusion of Vitamin E prevents lipid peroxidation of body fat to avoid adverse side effects. Be careful of other Omega 3's in the marketplace that don't have Vitamin E included in their formula.

High Quality, Value Sized, and Satisfaction Guaranteed! Remember if you or your Dog are not 100% happy with our Omega-3 let us know and we'll refund you 100%!

Product Features

PREMIUM OMEGA 3 SUPPORT FOR DOGS - Finally! A premium Omega 3 Dog supplement that begins to work after the first dose, and is designed to give your dog amazing joint support, promotes healthy brain function, skin health, itchy skin defense, coat's overall health, heart improvement, cardiovascular benefits, cognitive function & neurological health and normal immune response while helping protect against the seasonal allergies that drive you and them crazy! EPA & DHA BENEFITS RECOMMENDED BY RENOWNED VETERINARIANS - EPA & DHA are the true all stars of the Omega-3 fatty acid, and Purethentic Naturals has the ideal dosage recommended by world renowned veterinarians. Scientifically backed clinical studies have shown the incredible benefits that Omega 3 brings to your dog's health, now it is time to take action and begin regular treatments to ensure your dog can reach its true quality of life potential! MOLECULAR DISTILLATION is utilized in our process to create a physical separation and purification process that removes potentially harmful substances such as heavy metals and PSB's. Purethentic Naturals relies on this process to filter out the toxins and excess levels of mercury that could potentially be harmful to your beautiful dog! TOP VETS AGREE, OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS HELP YOUR DOGS OVERALL HEALTH - Suitable for all dog types, & sizes we bring only the top Omega 3 Fish Oil that your dog will love. PURETHENTIC NATURALS PET 60 DAY CHALLENGE - It's simple. Try our Omega-3 for 60 days and if you are not satisfied with the changes that your dog has experienced, let us know and we'll refund 100% of your order. And one last thing...Buy (2) Bottles Today & Automatically Receive 10% Off Our Already Discounted Price!

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