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Natural & Organic Flea, Tick & Mosquito Control Spray for Pets + Home | **16 oz Fresh Cedar + Lemongrass Scent** | Kills Full Lifecycle (Adults & Eggs) of Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes and 100s of Other Pests - Just Spray & Play! | No Chemical Pesticides, Made

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Manufacturer Description

Wondercide natural flea, tick & mosquito control offers prevention and treatment in one safe, effective spray.

As an alternative to monthly chemical spot drop treatments like drops and pills, Pets + Home (formerly Evolv) is the natural flea and tick treatment that is both a repellent and kills on contact with no toxic effects to pets or children! Plus it also stops itching and scratching, comforts dry skin and hot spots, leaves coat shiny, and leave coat smelling fresh. Pets + Home will not stain pets, furniture, or flooring.

Did you know only 5% of the flea life cycle is adult fleas? The other 95% is in egg, larvae and pupae stages. Wondercide natural flea, tick & mosquito control kills the ENTIRE flea lifecycle on contact. Use on your pets, bedding, carpeting, upholstery and other surfaces around your home to ensure full elimination anywhere adult fleas and eggs may have jumped or fallen. Remember: Pests come from outdoors, so treat your lawn every 30 days with Wondercide Flea & Tick Control for Yard + Garden (also on Amazon) to control fleas, ticks and mosquitoes at the SOURCE of the problem.

For cats, we recommend our 4oz Pets + Home (also on Amazon) to ensure correct application.

Wondercide develops innovative natural products that replace chemical pesticides and other toxins used in everyday life. Our line of natural & organic pest control replaces chemical pesticides used in flea & tick control, home pest control, personal insect repellent and more. We're protecting your world, naturally. Our full line of natural products protect and care for families, their pets, and the places they live, learn, work and play. We take a holistic approach to consumer product development by using natural, locally-sourced, sustainable ingredients and innovative, low-impact manufacturing processes.

Product Features

Safe and natural alternative to chemical pesticide spot drops, pills, bombs, powders, dips and sprays. Kills and repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes with curious efficacy using natural ingredients. Wondercide for Pets + Home kills the full flea lifecycle! Only 5% of flea lifecycle is adult, which means 95% are in egg, larvae, and pupae stages on your pet, in your home and in your yard. Pets + Home kills adult fleas, eggs, larvae and pupae as well as ticks, mosquitoes, mites, mange and more. Don't poison your pet to protect them - use Wondercide. Leaves coat shiny and brilliant. Recommended by Holistic Veterinarians. Safe around children and made in the USA with food-grade ingredients. Safe for puppies, kittens, nursing mothers and seniors! Treat nature WITH nature. (For cats we recommend our 4oz size - also available on Amazon - for proper application.) No DEET, pyrethrins, pyrethroids or other chemical pesticides! Non-staining on pets, bedding, furniture, and flooring. Use on your pet, and spray directly on bedding and surroundings in home. Treat your entire home to eliminate an infestation in one day! Pets + Home is sold in 4oz, 16oz, 32oz (treats 400 sq ft), and 1 Gallon sizes (treats 1500 sq ft).

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