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Marineland Pillar Aquarium Kit, 6-Gallon

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Manufacturer Description

Marineland's Pillar Aquarium Kit is the first choice for style, design and functionality. A single low voltage adapter powers the filter and the LED lights. This aquarium kit has both bright white and soft blue LEDs for a daylight and moonlight effect. Easy to use and effective at keeping the aquarium water healthy, these kits provide everything you need to be a successful fish keeper.

Marineland Aquarium Kits are Perfect for Anyone

Whether you are a first time aquarium user or an experienced owner, Marineland’s Aquarium Kits are perfect. They are easy to set up and look beautiful in any room! The Marineland Aquarium Kits are perfect for creating a wonderful environment for your fish and comes with everything you need to get your aquarium started. It is offered in two different sizes; our Classic 4-gallon rectangular tank, which fits perfectly flush against the wall, or our 6-gallon Pillar tank for a counter or desk top, making either tank ideal for your home, office, or dorm room.

LED Lighting System Creates the Lighting Effect You Desire

Included in your aquarium kit is an LED lighting system. There are white and blue lights to ensure optimal enjoyment. The white lights have a shimmering effect that mimics natural sunlight underwater, and the blue lights produce a relaxing moon light glow. With an easy-to-use on/off switch, you can create the perfect environment for your fish-day and night.

Unique BIO-Wheel Keeps Water Crystal Clear

Each Marineland Aquarium Kit is equipped with BIO-Wheel technology, which delivers effective, easy, three-stage filtration. The BIO-Wheel was designed to grow the beneficial bacteria that is needed for biological filtration and has been proven best at removing toxic ammonia and nitrite. Remember, the BIO-Wheel never needs to be replaced unless damaged. The replaceable Rite-Size filter cartridge provides the mechanical and chemical filtration, screening out the dirt and debris and removing odors, discoloration and impurities. The 100% water to media contact assures a crystal clear, healthy environment for your plants and fish.

Extremely Simple to Maintain

Maintenance of these aquarium systems is virtually effortless, making them the ideal choice for beginners or part time enthusiasts. It is important to perform routine maintenance, such as replacing the filter, but using the manual provided with your kit, this process is easy!

What Size is Right for Me?

A Penguin 3 Stage BIO-Wheel filter is included to help keep your tank clean. The kit also includes white and blue LED lights, a pedestal base, clear feeding cover, and Rite-Size A filter cartridge.

Classic Pillar
Size 4 Gallons 6 Gallons
Weight 9.2 lbs 10.37 lbs
Total Watts 4 6


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Product Features

A single low voltage adapter powers both the lights and the hidden Marineland Penguin BIO-Wheel Filtration LED light has both white and blue LEDs with a three way switch (all off, white on, blue on). 15 -.33 White LEDs and 3 -.33 Blue LEDs Pedestal Base, Filter tower and tower cover, clear feeding cover Uses Rite-Size A Filter Cartridge 12.5 x 13.75 x

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