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Dog Supplies Essentials

Whether you are bringing home a puppy or an adult dog from the shelter, there are some essential dog supplies that you will need to have first. While there are numerous of dog supplies essentials that you will accumulate over time, some basic ones include:

Carriers- The first thing you will need in order to bring your dog home or from and to the vet’s office are carriers and travel products. Seatbelt pet restrains, car seat covers, and car pet barriers are also great to have. These items will help prevent your pet from coming to the front of the seat or distracting you while you drive.

Dog Bowls- Pets, like humans, need to eat and drink water daily in order to grow and thrive. You will need to have dog bowls available for your pet. Smaller bowls are good for smaller breeds and larger bowls are ideal for larger breeds. You can also choose to purchase pet food mats which can help prevent food-related messes. Keep in mind that you will need separate feeding and water supplies. This will mean that you should have fresh and clean water available for your pet at all times. Water fountains are ideal for any pet owner since they use a filter to purify the water and provide your pet with continuous water for up to a week. There are also automatic feeders that will dispense the dry dog food at the time you have it set to and the amount you need. This will mean that even when you are running home late, your pet will get the food they need.

Dog Food- Your dogs will need food in order to flourish, have a shiny and healthy skin and coat. It is up to you what brand name dog food you will purchase. You can choose dry food, wet canned food, or raw dog food. It might also take some time for your pets to get used to the food or for you to find a brand that is suitable for your dog. Make sure to look at the age it is suited for such as puppies, adult dogs or senior dogs. Also, look at the suggested feeding instructions and the ingredients list. Make sure that your pet is getting protein as the first ingredient.

Dog Harnesses, Leashes and ID Tags- As a dog owner, you will need to take your pet out for walks at least twice a day so they can relieve themselves. You will need dog harnesses, leashes and ID tags in order to keep your dogs safe. In case your pet does get away from you and someone finds them, it is ideal that they have an ID tag with their name and your content.

These are just some of the few basic dog supplies essentials that you will need right away when you welcome your pet to their new home. You will also need dog grooming products such as brushes, dog treats and supplements and chew toys. These chew toys are great for puppies as teethers and will help ease their gum discomfort. Chew toys can also ensure that your new puppies do not end up chewing on your shoes or other valuables.