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Dog Safety Seat Belt-adjustable and Durable- Nylon Strap- Keep Your Dog Safe While Traveling in Your Car. Includes as Bonus an USA Pet Shirt.

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Manufacturer Description

The security is what you need not only for yourself, but also your dogs with whom you have planned a weekend gateway. Generally, the dogs are of curious nature. And poke out their heads while being in an automobile. The journey is not only when you drive luxuriously and comfortable. Sometimes, you have to slam on the break and circumstances are such when you dog feels jerk, raising the likelihood that his head may smash against the rear windows or the doors. This can cause him severe injuries. To your rescue, tethering your dogs is vital, for manufactures and markets out the most qualitative and reliable seat belts to provide total protection to your dogs against any injury. The bumpiness of a dog is also reduced to zero, prompting a driver to manage his car unruffled and get his dog safe. Features & specifications the belts can easily fit the dog's harness without creating discomfort. The belts can accommodate the area to be required by a dog. Prevent your dog from jumping off the windows of the moving car. Protect against the shocks and jerks of sharp turns and sudden breaks. Suitable for cats and other pets. These belts are adaptable to both large and small-sized animals. Keep the drivers' attention intact while driving on the busiest streets. Carefully packaged for shipment. Benefits the belts keep your dog unhurt while traveling. Reduces shocks. Safe for the occupants of the vehicle, who may get distracted from the dogs' movements? Highly adaptable to all dogs, irrespective of their size. Easy to fasten and unfasten the buckles. Keep the dogs comfortable and undisturbed. Warnings harness use is highly recommended. Do not attach belt to collar to prevent suffocation.

Product Features

UNIVERSAL IN NATURE- Whether the dog be of long and short stature, our lap belts are uniquely adjustable. They do not strain the dogs, but put them in a placid condition. Be assured that our sturdy belts suit every type of vehicle, be it SUVs, Trucks or Minivans. It is tried and tested under all the circumstances, and no need to be anguished while purchasing the belts. GENUINE PRODUCT MADE OF NYLON- While manufacturing our belts, we cater to all the specifications within the ambit of which the buyers purchase the belts. Our belts are made of strong nylon material, and fits on any harness. Safe Straps are durable, available in color black, soothing the eyes of dog owners and the dogs look pretty. WARNING- Is highly recommended the use of Your Dog harness. Do not attach the belts directly to the dog's collar to prevent suffocation. COMPLETE PET CARE- While setting for a journey and desiring that you would keep your pooch with you, it is essential to give every protection, not only to the dog, but also, your car. This is important because dogs have a propensity to hop around, and it will be very difficult for you to continue your journey, if not fastened. At J&D Trading, we manufacture and market world-class seat belts, which are a perfect defense against any on-travel mishaps. Our seat belts will keep him in place, so that he doesn't bounce off to the fellow passenger's seat, the rear mirror or the driver's lap, and makes the journey a bad experience. ADJUSTABLE TO THE HILT- Most of the belts available in the markets can ease your journey, but they will cause discomfort to your dog as they cannot stand and sit in a comfortable posture. But, our comfy belts are highly adjustable, keeping your dog happy throughout the journey: they can stand, sit or lie cosily. With the passage of time, the dogs reach of their prime and gain weight. If the buyers purchase our belts, they can easily change buckles, though the belts, having holes, can be extended from 16 inches to 26 inches adapting to the size of the dog's body.

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